We live surrounded by infinite toxins, pollution and chemicals that cumulate on the most exposed organ of your body: your skin. Before starting any skin care ritual it is crucial to star with an effective and balanced cleansing tuof both your face and neck. In this way, you will start detoxing and you will be one step close to a healthier, better looking skin.

If you have chosen to care for your health naturally, the first benefit you will notice is an alleviation of toxins, leaving your skin free and alleviated. With a clean and uncongested skin, you will prevent irritation and inflammation and you will be preventing damaging and aging.

We encourage you to try the foamy and aromatic sensations of our exclusive facewash. It is rich in hydrating ingredients to eliminate makeup and other impurities while pampering and balancing the natural acidic equilibrium of your skin. The botanic extracts ensure an additional sense of cleansing and freshness thanks to the papaya and ginger. It has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, ensuring that the most delicate cleansing.



Did you know that pollution in the air and dead cells cumulate in your pores, clogging them and congesting your skin? This cumulative residue impedes the natural breathing of your skin, stressing and irritating its natural balance. This results in a visible augmentation of the size of the pores and a loss in your skin’s vitality and healthy glow.

Regularly exfoliating your skin with our honey lemon balancing scrub will prevent contamination from clogging your pores, allow it to breath freely and regenerate naturally. Additionally, it will allow the active ingredients of your treatment to better penetrate your skin, making the hydration and nutrition more effective.

We recommend you exfoliate once or twice per week, depending on your skin type, exposure to toxins, living habits and other internal and external factors. Exfoliate always at night and later apply a deep moisturizer or a facial mask. The grinded apricot seed achieves a soft yet effective rejuvenation of your skin and the combination of moisturizing ingredients and botanical extracts ensure your skin stays balanced at all times.



Think of your skin as an ecosystem in perfect balance, full of microorganisms that act both as a physical and immunological barrier between your body and the outside world. Like all ecosystems, your skin requires a specific set of conditions for its optimum functioning, starting with an adequate pH.

When you purify your skin to eliminate dirt and dead cells, the acid layer on your epidermis is exposed and can feel irritated. While it recomposes it may be vulnerable and its normal functions can be altered. Before you continue with your skincare routine, it is key you help your skin recover its naturally balanced acid pH.

Our vitamin C toner based on orange blossom hydrolyte prevents the inflammation of your skin, it nourishes and balances it. It contains ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant that prevents the premature cellular aging. To complete this rich formula, we have added cucumber, burdock and oat botanical extracts, which prevent an excess in sebum production, reduce the appearance of pores and improve the overall tone of your skin.



Your skin is continuously regenerating: everyday your body produces new skin cells in your dermis. These are pushed out from the deeper to the outer layers, as new cells continue to create, making your skin an ever-changing living organ. The speed and quality of new cells decreases with time, depending on your genetics and living habits.

A healthy lifestyle, proper and varied nutrition and a continued and balanced skincare routine will make your skin stay in good shape, producing high-quality new cells for a healthy skin. Additionally, antiaging botanical compounds such as the ones you find in our facial oil act directly on the tissues, stimulating and improving the quality of their natural regeneration.

We introduce our dry-touch facial oil, rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids, qwhich penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin to contribute to a healthy, active regeneration. The formula includes vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that repairs weariness and damage. To get the best results use this rich elixir at night, so that you synchronize with the natural biorhythm of your body and increase its regeneration power.



Regardless of your current routine, you will find that moisture is an essential step in skincare, as it ensures your skin stays healthy and finalizes and completes all previous steps (cleansing, nourishing, etc.). Properly moisturizing your skin will prevent premature aging: loss of volume and density, dryness, lack of flexibility and glow, appearance of wrinkles and enlarging of the pores.

Not all moisturizers live up to the importance of this key task: many cosmetics brands use mineral oils, silicones, paraffin and other petroleum-derivatives. These toxic chemicals accumulate on your skin and can negatively affect your tissues and their health.

We have created a balanced, organic moisturizer that provides high-quality liquids and lipids. It combines a base of aloe vera and glicerin (both non-comedogenic and organic), lightweight vegetable oils, antiaging botanical extracts and vitamin E. The result is a delicate and dense mousse that blends perfectly with your skin, providing an intense long-lasting moisture without an excess in oils. It is thermosensitive to ensure it melts as it touches your skin, leaving it soft, matte and richly hydrated.